Minority/Women/Disadvantaged/Local/Small Business Enterprise Consulting Services

Anderson and Associates, P.A. clients are governmental agencies or large construction companies and developers  on large public projects.  Anderson and Associates, P.A. is recognized in Florida and an awarded leader in small, disadvantaged, minority and women business enterprise consulting.

A&A has been engaged in numerous projects since its inception in 2000.  Some of the consulting services include public policy program implementation, small business certification services, contract compliance, data collection and evaluation, project management, award and expenditure report preparation and disparity studies.

A&A fulfills its clients requirement of assessing program effectiveness, training staff, identifying and reporting industry best practices, designing programs, collecting and analyzing program information, conducting and analyzing surveys, assisting in reviewing and developing goals, developing plans, drafting policies and procedures, coordinating outreach activities, preparing electronic directories, conducting field and site visits, presiding over dispute resolution meetings, and making presentations to senior staff and boards.

Some of the projects and work products A&A has led or participated in include the following:

  1. Participated in senior level roles on disparity studies in Florida and Tennessee documenting availability, utilization with various governmental entities
  2. Drafted legislation for client which resulted in Florida law to waive bonds for small businesses
  3. Wrote the implementation manual for a city to utilized community venues to create sustainable economic viability for the community and small, minority and women owned businesses
  4. Consulted with construction manager to achieve 30% M/WBE participation on an arena construction project
  5. Consulted with owner/developer achieve 39% participation on a performing arts center
  6. Consulted with construction manager achiever increase MWBE participation and outreach on a medical institution
  7. Provided DBE compliance and technical assistance services for transportation and aviation authorities
  8. Provided best practices consulting services for the MBE and DBE Programs
  9. Provided certification review and recommendation services for a county and aviation authority
  10. Consulted with educational institutions to review effectiveness, conduct survey analysis and make best practice recommendations



Anderson and Associates, P.A. has a code of moral ethics; we want our clients to know where we stand and to be able to count on us to be consistent. Anderson and Associates, P.A. believes in doing the right thing, because it is good for our company, our employees and our community.


Anderson and Associates, P.A. strives to level the playing field by being a conduit for working together in the true spirit of “together we stand, divided we fall;” we are advocates for results that enhance the community in being inclusive and finding solutions together.


Anderson and Associates, P.A. strives for quality by creating systems of checks and balances and by motivating our staff to be proud of producing quality and accurate results.  We pride ourselves on working hard and producing a quality product.  We strive to serve the community with excellence.


Anderson and Associates, P.A. works to improve the families of those we serve; every assignment is about improving the lives of others and our staff; we aim to touch the family unit and contribute to strengthening the fabric of society.  We want to leave the community a better place for our children.


We are givers of our time, resources, skills and aim to produce above and beyond our clients’ expectations.  We strive to deliver what we contracted to deliver.  We strive to be a beacon for the community.