“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Anderson and Associates, P.A. (A&A) is a law firm that is very involved in solving problems and helping to make the community a better place. A&A provides legal services in the areas of business, corporate, estate planning and general counsel.


Veronica Anderson, Esq. is the sole shareholder of Anderson and Associates, P.A.. She started the firm in 2000, after serving 12 years in the government at the local and state levels. She served the City of Orlando as its Minority Business Enterprise Coordinator, Orange County as it Minority/Women Business Enterprise Manager and appointed by the Governor and served 3 governors, as the Director of the Office of the Supplier Diversity. The firm and its owner has been recognized and celebrated in the following manner:

– 2011

Women Business Owner of the Year, Orlando Business Journal

– 2011

City of Orlando Women Who Succeed Against the Odds 

– 2014

50 Most Power African Americans in Central Florida, Legacy Magazine, Orlando Sentinel 

– 2014

Phenomenal Woman, Bridge Builders

– 2014 

Congressional Award Certificate – Congresswoman Brown


  • Corporate and Business Law

    Business/corporate law encompasses the law governing contracts, sales, commercial paper, agency and employment law, business organizations and property. Business/corporate law may include issues such as starting, selling, or buying a small business, managing a business, dealing with employees, or dealing with contracts, among others. Anderson and Associates, P.A. also provides business services that govern sales and commercial paper, as well as consumer and credit protection. Anderson aims to ensure the protection of fair business practices and due process rights for our clients that are business owners or prospective business owners.

  • Estate Planning

    Anderson and Associates, P.A.  helps clients plan their estates such that there is peace in the family and an orderly plan for distribution of the assets.  Additionally, if there is a business involved, A&A will ensure that the business can continue operating, when one of the owners passes away.

  • Real Estate

    We provide excellent Real Estate services.

  • Public Engagement and Community Outreach

    Anderson and Associates  has extensive experience in a broad range of public projects that included public engagement or community outreach.  A&A prepares the outreach plan, coordinates the events, prepares the graphics and outreach materials, contacts database of stakeholders and invitees, creates or maintain current data on website and social media,  notifies the media, prepares press kits, secures meeting sites, caterers and coordinate agendas, speakers and the event activities.

  • M/WBE Business Enterprise Consulting Services

    Anderson and Associates, P.A. clients are governmental agencies or large construction companies and developers on large public projects. Anderson and Associates, P.A. is recognized in Florida and an awarded leader in small, disadvantaged, minority and women business enterprise consulting. A&A has been engaged in numerous projects since its inception in 2000. Some of the consulting services include public policy program implementation, small business certification services, contract compliance, data collection and evaluation, project management, award and expenditure report preparation and disparity studies.


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